05 August 2016

P.E.O. STAR Scholarship - $2,500

DonorP.E.O. (A Philanthropic Educational Organization)
Type of Organization: Philanthropic
Amount: $2,500
Open To: High school senior women attending college in the next academic year.
Due: 1 September - 1 November 2016 (further materials due within 30 days)

01 August 2016

Alice T. Schafer Mathematics Prize

Donor: Association for Women in Mathematics
Type of Organization: Non-profit
Amount: not indicated
Open To: Female undergraduates studying mathematics.
Due: 1 October 2016

22 July 2016

Healthcare and Life Sciences Scholarship - $1,000

Donor: The Expert Institute
Type of Organization: Business
Amount: $1,000
Open To: Applicants actively pursuing a degree related to healthcare or the life sciences.
Due: 31 December 2016

Hartford Technology Rental Scholarship - $1,000

Donor: Hartford Technology Rentals
Type of Organization: Business
Amount: $1,000 (2)
Open To: Applicants studying in the IT or related fields.
Due: December 2016 and May 2017
Website: http://hartfordrents.com/scholarship

15 July 2016

Regen Center ASEAN Scholarship - $1,500

Donor:  Regeneration Center of Thailand
Type of Organization: Private
Amount: $1,500
Open To: Undergraduate and graduate students of Southeast Asian heritage.
Due: 31 December 2016

Look Twice, Save A Life Scholarship - $1,000

Donor: InsuranceProviders.com
Type of Organization: Business
Amount: $1,000
Open To: All applicants with a valid driver's license.
Due: 1 December 2016

Depression Treatment Education Scholarship - $1,000

Donor: Paradigm Malibu
Type of Organization: Business
Amount: $1,000
Open To: All applicants.
Due: 15 December 2016

College Moving Scholarship - $800

Donor: imove.com
Type of Organization: Business
Amount: $800, $500, $300
Open To: Incoming freshmen, returning students, or transfer students who are moving to out-of-state schools.
Due: 16 December 2016

Overseas Press Club Foundation Scholarships & Fellowships - $2,000

Donor: Overseas Press Club Foundation
Type of Organization: 501(c)(3) Charitable Organization
Amount: $2,000 or funding for travel and living expenses to intern at a foreign new organization bureau (11 winners)
Open To: Undergraduates and graduates who aspire to become foreign correspondents.
Due: 1 December 2016

YouTube Video Scholarship - $1,000

Donor: HeadSetPlus.com
Type of Organization: Business
Amount: $1,000
Open To: Currently enrolled or admitted students. Requires creating a short YouTube video.
Due: 31 December 2016

08 July 2016

TungstenRings.com Scholarship Contest - $1,000

Donor: TungstenRings.com
Type of Organization: Business
Amount: $1,000
Open To: All applicants. The application requires creating a YouTube video.
Due: 2 September 2016

Pet Product Innovation Scholarship - $1,500

Donor: Automated Pet Care Products, Inc.
Type of Organization: Business
Amount: $500-$1,500
Open To: Current and admitted undergrads.
Due: 1 August 2016